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The following range of Titanium Tools are manufacturd with titanium alloy 6AI-4V, which is used in aviation, military and aerospace applications. Titanium tools are non-magnetic so can be used on sensitive electronic devices, they weight 45% less that steel tools, are rustproof and have acid resistant properties.

All Titanium Tools are manufactured according to the strict control of ISO 9001-200, certified by the most prestigious institution for hand tool manufacturing, TÜV-Rheindland/Germany.
non magnetic tools for sale
Non-Magntic Tools

Titanium Pliers, Snips & Grips
Titanium Pliers for Sale

Titanium Spanners
Titanium Spanners, Non Magnetic Wrench, Titanium Sockets

Titanium Screwdrivers
Non Magnetic Screwdriver, Titanium Screwdriver


Titanium Tool Sets

Titanium Tool Set

Titanium Ratchets & Sockets
Titanium Sockets, Ratchet & Torque Wrench

Titanium Socket Sets Titanium Socket Set


Titanium Tools - Miscellaneous
Titanium Tools, Non Magnetic Tools

Titanium Tweezers
Titanium Tweezers

Titanium Hex Keys
Titanium alan key - Hex Key

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